What’s next in AI: Meet the muscle behind Pittsburgh’s AI

While Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University have long touted themselves as pioneers of artificial intelligence, much of the power behind that innovation has been driven by one company: Nvidia.

The trillion-dollar chipmaker that got its start in gaming has long propped up the city’s autonomous vehicle development. It is now partnering with or directly powering a slew of Pittsburgh AI projects, including Abridge’s notation platform for doctors, Ansys’ simulation software and Agility Robotics’ friendly warehouse humanoids.

“Any company in Pittsburgh that is using big data, AI, or training AI models, is going to be relying on Nvidia chips,” Marc Swinnen, Ansys’ director of product marketing, told me in a recent interview.

He said the technology differs from other industries like steel in its growth rate. As soon as one chip is released, a new one that’s “twice as big” is already in the works

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