ITS America’s Laura Chace: “We’re on the precipice of potentially incredible change”

When ITS America president & CEO Laura Chace speaks to ITS International, it is just a few days after the organisation’s latest board meeting.

As well as the vital issues of engaging existing members, and bringing new members into the fold, they talked about a lot of weighty issues. “Everything from connected transportation ecosystem to artificial intelligence, to digital infrastructure, to issues of security and privacy,” Chace says with enthusiasm. “There’s a lot of really complicated but important issues. We had really good discussions.”

There are three main areas of focus for ITS America this year: first up is Vehicle to Everything (V2X) roll-out…

This process is well advanced, and moving into its final stages. The second critical issue on the radar is developing policy for the next transportation reauthorisation in the US to put technology on par with physical infrastructure.

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