Broadband “nutrition labels” help you comparison shop for cable

Large internet service providers now have to post a so-called “broadband nutrition label” online and in stores to give consumers a snapshot of all the charges and performance data for their plans. The new requirement from the Federal Communications Commission went into effect on Wednesday and could make it easier to comparison shop for broadband service.

Internet providers and cable companies often tend to have a lot of fine print — promotional prices that evaporate, maximum speeds that aren’t always available or an assortment of obscurely named fees…

“Don’t just give me numbers, tell me how good is this? If I want to play video games, if I want to stream movies.” Lorrie Cranor, CyLab, discusses the new broadband nutrition label designed to give consumers more information on the charges and performance data of their plans, making it easier to compare the products offered by different broadband providers.

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