What a driverless future might look like

Autonomous vehicles, at long last, seem to be winning the hearts and minds of their curious (or brave) passengers.

“SF’s hottest club is a Waymo,” posted one digital artist on X, summing up the mostly warm reviews the self-driving car company has received after it rolled out its commercial taxi service in August 2023. Despite ongoing concerns over safety and job losses, AVs have arrived as a part of everyday life for some Americans: The San Francisco Chronicle reported 191,000 driverless rides between September and November of last year, and Waymo vehicles have driven more than 5 million miles in Arizona.

What does that mean for the United States, arguably the most auto-centric nation in the world? A new report commissioned by the tech industry trade group Chamber of Progress, and shared exclusively with Digital Future Daily, attempts to answer that question as AV companies push to roll out their vehicles across the country.

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