GAC Aion & Didi Autonomous Driving JV to mass-produce Robotaxi

On April 7, GAC Aion and Didi Autonomous Driving announced that their joint venture, Guangzhou Andi Technology, had been granted a commercial license in China. The joint venture aims at the Robotaxi (unmanned taxi) field and plans to launch its first commercial Level 4 autonomous vehicle in 2025 with a total production of 100,000 units. Currently, the first model has completed product definition and is undergoing a joint design review.

Andi Technology is headquartered in Huangpu, Guangzhou, with a registered capital of 420 million yuan (~55 million USD). GAC Aion and Didi Autonomous Driving each hold 50% of the shares. The chairman of the joint venture is Zhang Xiong, deputy general manager of GAC Aion, and the general manager is Meng Xing, COO of Didi Autonomous Driving.

More specifically, the joint venture’s first autonomous vehicle is positioned as a crossover SUV, based on GAC Aion’s AEP3.0 pure electric platform and equipped with Didi Autonomous Driving’s autonomous driving software and hardware solutions.

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