Uber Eats now uses Waymo’s self-driving cars to offer driverless deliveries

The driverless car company Waymo has partnered with Uber Eats to debut a driverless meal delivery service in select neighborhoods in Phoenix, which includes Chandler, Mesa, and Tempe.

Customers using the Uber Eats app, who order from one of the roughly five participating restaurants, will receive a notification that their order may be delivered by an autonomous vehicle. While users will have an opportunity to opt out, those who are willing to try out the new feature will be able to use their phones to unlock the vehicle’s trunk to grab their meal once the driverless car arrives.

According to Uber and Waymo, the autonomous vehicle option won’t cost customers anything extra. In fact, the new feature could prove to be cheaper than the standard delivery person option since there’s no tipping the autonomous vehicles.

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