SARTA gets federal grant to install anti-collision equipment on 3 buses

The Stark Area Regional Transit Authority said it and two other Ohio transit systems are part of a group that has received a $1.98 million federal grant to fund retrofitting buses with anti-collision technology.

SARTA said it with the federal funding will install equipment with “”state-of-the-art collision avoidance technology”” on three of its buses, using lidar, radar, cameras and sensors to detect and alert drivers of “”potentially dangerous situations.””

Lidar is an acronym for light detection and ranging where the equipment fires a laser and measures the time for the light to return, allowing the equipment to detect objects that a bus could collide with.

The U.S. Department of Transportation provided the competitive grant to fund the six-month pilot project. It was one of 34 grants nationwide for fiscal year 2023 that the department announced March 14. SARTA and the two other transit agency recipients were the only grant recipients in Ohio. They call their project SMART Rider.

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