Fully autonomous street crawlers could make potholes thing of the past

Whether you’re on a bike or in a car, potholes are a problem. Maintenance is costly and labor intensive, but authorities in the UK have successfully tested an autonomous machine designed to detect and seal surface cracks that can grow into potholes – which could save time and money.

Following four years of research from the University of Liverpool’s School of Engineering, a spin-out company was launched in 2020 to develop an AI-driven robotic maintenance system that could autonomously detect and repair potholes and cracks in roads…

Robotiz3d is developing three technologies as part of its Autonomous Road Repair System (ARRES). ARRES Eye was launched last year, and is designed to be installed on vehicles like buses, refuse trucks and maintenance vehicles. As they travel through city or urban environs, the system looks for signs of surface problems on roadways, determines their severity and sorts them into task priority before logging the results on a central database.

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