When High-Tech Cars Increase Road Risk

After testing 14 versions of ‘partial automation’ features in vehicles, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) concluded that “There’s no evidence that (partial automation) makes driving safer, and, in fact, it can create new risks by making it easier for the driver’s attention to wander.”

According to a piece by Ben Abramson on Strong Towns, “Basic performance testing included seeing how the systems function in prescribed conditions at maintaining speed, distance, and lane control. Most of the systems worked as designed during these sessions, conducted in clear weather and favorable light conditions.”

However, in testing systems that are designed to monitor whether drivers are in control and paying attention, “A look at the IIHS Report Card shows a slew of bad marks in categories such as Attention Reminders and Emergency Procedures, with the report concluding that ‘most of the systems fail multiple safety feature requirements.’

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