Futuristic $10 billion driverless Japanese city by active volcano nearing completion

Now, ambitious plans to build a utopian sustainable city at the foot of an active Japanese volcano are nearing completion.The project, which was first announced in 2021, has seen car giant Toyota hard at work constructing their Woven City.Remarkably, it is just miles from Mount Fuji on the island of Honshū – where it will very soon house residents…

However, it will only initially house 360 residents, before expanding to the 2,000 mark. The futuristic city is nearing completion. The brand-new area will be used as a ‘living laboratory’ so that Toyota can collect data on ‘the use of driverless cars, guided by sensors in lights, buildings and roads’ across the city.

Woven City is also being marketed to residents as a ‘mass human experiment’ for Toyota to test ‘E-palettes’, the company’s renewable and energy-efficient self-driving vehicles.

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