Motor industry calls for swift automated driving law implementation

New legislation covering automated driving needs to be passed into law quickly, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

The industry body said that the Automated Vehicles (AV) Bill currently passing through Parliament had the potential to unlock ‘massive safety and economic benefits’ from automated cars and public transport services.

The SMMT said that, even if the current timetable for the bill was met, following its second reading in the House of Commons in early March, it was unlikely to lead to automated vehicles on British roads until at least 2026…

The SMMT argued that this would put the UK at a ‘significant disadvantage’ compared with other markets in the EU and US, which already had regulatory frameworks in place, and would risk the UK ‘squandering its advantage’ from the government and industry having jointly investing more than £600 million in self-driving vehicle trials since 2015.

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