Kiwi-led research could help develop faster internet, self-driving car tech

New Kiwi-led research is poised to drive a giant leap forward in the development of technology that could contribute to creating faster internet and precision self-driving cars in the future.

The world-leading photonics research relates to “microresonator optical frequency combs” or “microcombs” which are an emerging technology with massive potential relating to the optics of how light behaves and what technologies light can be used for. The collaborative effort was led by Associate Professor Miro Erkintalo, a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland and Principal Investigator at Te Whai Ao Dodd-Walls Centre, who told 1News it is “hard to even convey how important laser light is to our lives today…”

Erkintalo said the combs will be used in telecommunication systems to improve the speed of internet data through optical fibres and used to measure distances with pin-point accuracy extremely quickly “to hundreds of millions of measurements.”

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