TNO: Self-driving car can predict traffic situations in seconds with the help of AI

TNO has successfully tested a self-driving car that can predict what might happen within seconds using artificial intelligence. The research organization reported this in its annual report published on Friday.

“A few seconds may not seem like much,”” said TNO, “but those seconds can save lives in dangerous traffic situations. Because the driver of a vehicle still has the opportunity to take control safely.”

Experiments in San Francisco showed that self-driving cars still have major difficulties in unknown situations. With the new system, the AI in the TNO car can predict what behavior to expect in the lane. A trial with a concept version of the car was successful on a test track…

TNO is also researching the use of AI for a “moral compass” in robots that have to rescue people before the rescuers arrive on the scene. In doing so, the robots learn to make their own trade-offs, such as whether a door should be opened in a particular situation.

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