Inside world’s £7.8billion futuristic city with driverless cars built near volcano – & is due to be completed this year

THE world’s most futuristic smart city is set to be completed later this year.

Toyota’s vision of Woven City, a sustainable utopia featuring driverless cars, will serve 2,000 people participating in a mass human experiment.

The car manufacturer plans to use their Japanese metropolis at the foot of Mt. Fuji to run tests for their network of renewable, energy-efficient, autonomous vehicles. When Woven City is complete, the vehicles – dubbed E-palettes – will be guided by sensors in lights, buildings and roads throughout the city. Their vehicles will travel along a separate road made solely for them, while pedestrians and cyclists will also have their own separate roads. Toyota hopes that their latest smart city will offer them a continuous data stream that helps them to better understand local and traffic trends. But, the company’s plans for the future hardly stop there. The revolutionary project is also expected to feature “smart homes”. Sensors will be embedded in all aspects of life in the system, in parks , buildings, watering systems, etc.

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