Thales and Neural Labs Expand Partnership on Smart City Solutions

Tech firm Thales has expanded its partnership with Neural Labs centered around AI-powered smart cities.

Thales, based in France, develops solutions for a range of industries, including digital identity and security. Neural Labs provides video analysis for smart cities and artificial intelligence (AI)-based intelligent transportation systems.

According to a Wednesday (March 13) news release, the partnership aims to enable secure, efficient and practical solutions for vehicle access control and logistical planning. The two companies began working together more than 20 years ago when Neural Labs chose Thales’ Sentinel platform for software protection, helping Neural Labs automate the creation and issuance of licenses.

“As a result, Neural Labs was able to reduce costs and focus more on its customers, as well as the value of its software against competitors,” the release said. “Since then, the company has moved into a new era of digital transformation and adopted Thales Sentinel Cloud Licensing to manage its SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] offering.”

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