Coastal US Cities Top Ranking of Climate-Friendly Transportation

Metropolitan areas in the Southeast US have the worst transportation outcomes for reducing greenhouse emissions, according to a ranking that considers factors from vehicle emissions to transit and bike ridership. Coastal metro areas like Silicon Valley and New York City, by contrast, perform the best.

In recent years, domestic migration has generally flowed toward Sun Belt cities, but these areas tend to lack the robust transit options that top-ranking metros concentrated around the coasts and the upper northeast have available, according to StreetLight Data, Inc., a subsidiary of Jacobs…

America’s three biggest cities — New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago — are in the top 15 metros, while Atlanta, Houston and Dallas rank in the bottom 50.

Among the eight factors, the one that affects a metro’s emissions the most is vehicle miles traveled. In the top-ranked San Jose region, daily per capita VMT is just 12 miles, whereas in the lower-density Omaha, Nebraska, region it jumps to 43 miles, according to the report.

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