Arm looks to accelerate self-driving car development with new computer chip

Software company Arm has unveiled a new computer chip design tailored for self-driving cars that it says will help the automotive industry accelerate the transition to safer, technologically advanced vehicles.

Arm is not a manufacturer but designs computer chip architecture that other technology firms license to produce specified hardware. As such, its new platform will be used as a base by automotive partners to create customized chips for use in self-driving systems. The company also plans to launch a virtual version of its chip that will allow developers to test software before accessing a physical component.

Originally focused on mobile phone technology, Arm says it has shifted to prioritize the automotive market under its new CEO, Rene Haas, who took charge in 2022. Its computer chip architecture has previously been utilized by Nividia to design a self-driving car platform called Thor. In the future, Arm says it will be working with high-profile partners such as Amazon Web Services to deploy new systems.

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