Amazon’s Zoox Expands Self-Driving Car Tests In US To Keep Pace With Competitors

Zoox, the self-driving car division of, has announced significant expansions to its testing programme in California and Nevada, signalling a move to compete more fiercely with its rivals, including Waymo. The company aims to cover a wider area, increase driving speeds, and incorporate nighttime driving into its testing regimen.

Unlike its competitor Waymo, which recently unveiled plans to launch a taxi service in Los Angeles, Zoox’s expansion focuses on enhancing its testing capabilities. The company’s fleet of uniquely designed vehicles, reminiscent of toaster ovens on wheels, is being deployed to cover a broader range of environments, including higher speeds of up to 45 miles per hour (72 kmph) compared to the previous limit of 35 mph. Additionally, Zoox has expanded the area in Las Vegas where its cars can operate from one mile to five miles, representing a significant increase in the scope of testing.

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