Fear of self-driving cars remains high, according to AAA study

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – A new study conducted by AAA indicates a lack of trusting self-driving vehicles remains high.

The study conducted in January surveyed 1,010 adults shows most U.S. drivers express fear (66%) or uncertainty (25%) regarding fully self-driving vehicles – continuing a lack-of-trust trend that peaked last year. As the auto industry continues to advance technology, the study indicated that they also need to gain the consumers’ trust,

“Consumer skepticism of autonomous vehicles is not surprising, given the recalls and well-publicized incidents that occurred last year,” said Mark Schieldrop, Senior Spokesperson for AAA Northeast. “It’s critical that drivers understand both the capabilities and limitations of technology in their cars and how, when, and where to use the systems properly…”

Fully replacing a human driver with the technology of autonomous vehicles (AVs) is not yet available for purchase, however, “four in ten drivers believe they could buy an AV today that will drive itself while they are sleeping,” said AAA.

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