China’s Best Self-Driving Car Platforms, Tested and Compared

WE’RE STILL WAITING for the full promise of self-driving cars to be realized. After all, fleshy, unreliable humans are killing more people than ever on US roads. And now Apple fans could be waiting indefinitely as poor Project Titan has been killed off after its owner gave up on human-free control.

Still, there are glimmers of hope. Just this month, Waymo secured approval from California regulators for paid robotaxi rides on San Francisco freeways and other highways in the Bay Area, meaning that autonomous trips to San Francisco International Airport will be possible. In Germany, as of March 1, BMW is allowing Level 3 hands-off driving to be turned on in the 7 Series.

On the flip side, Tesla and General Motors have been grabbing most of the recent headlines when it comes to self-driving cars in the hands of the public, and for all the wrong reasons—mass recalls, suspended licenses, spending cuts, and huge losses.

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