Aurora CEO reiterates year-end launch, discusses future plans at breakfast event

Aurora CEO Chris Urmson reiterated plans to have driverless self-driving trucks on the road by the end of the year and discussed the company’s plans for the future during a fireside chat on Tuesday morning organized by the Pittsburgh Technology Council.

“Starting next year it’s going to be ‘how do we scale this product,’” Urmson said. “This year is the magic year where it goes from ‘it didn’t work’ to ‘it does.’ That is really exciting for us. We’re working to be ready at the end of this year to launch our trucks on the road with nobody in them.”
This planned launch will occur in Texas, with trucks operating between two terminals in Dallas and Houston. Aurora (NASDAQ: AUR) currently operates trucks on the route, but these trucks still have a driver onboard as a failsafe.

Urmson discussed how data management will change with potential expansion, noting that each vehicle they pilot collects significant amounts of data. As the company grows, this data will grow exponentially, increasing its data management needs.

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