Artificial Intelligence is here to stay: ‘Who’s on team hopeful?’

Pete Buttigieg has boring ideas for AI. But like many politicians, he’s thinking practically.

Earlier this year, on a visit to Pittsburgh that included a Q&A with college students at Carnegie Mellon University, the Transportation Secretary dished on the Boeing blowout and drew hope from fatherhood before delving briefly into CMU’s signature technology: artificial intelligence.

Mr. Buttigieg admitted that his vision for the much-hyped computer tool wasn’t exactly sexy.

Emails made the list, along with other administrative tasks.

If applied to driverless cars, maybe cities could gain some space by eliminating parking spots, the former mayor of South Bend, Ind., mused.

That a chief Biden administration official would have such simple, utilitarian uses for AI — a technology already used by nearly every Fortune 500 company — shows just how quickly ChatGPT and its cousin products have been normalized.

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