rivian’s latest R2 and R3 electric SUVs can drive on their own with 11 cameras and 5 sensors

Rivian recently unveiled three midsize electric SUVs in one day, all equipped with 11 cameras, 5 radars, and a computational platform that allow the new series to drive on their own with enhanced autonomous capabilities. After a partnership with Amazon for its delivery trucks, Rivian is back with a new series and comes up with car designs that consolidate and eliminate the use of high-pressure die castings, a structural battery unit where the top of the pack also serves as the floor, and closure systems. In the latest self-driving electric SUVs, these vehicles are equipped with in-house developed networks and computational software to power their independent driving.

Each new Rivian self-driving electric SUV deserves a closer look, starting with the R2. Posing as the leader of the pack, R2 brings sleekness and cleanliness to light with its soft-white shade. A feature car fans may appreciate comes through its motorized rear glass that fully drops into the liftgate. This allows the driver to carry all types of gear and equipment while enjoying an open-air driving experience. Stepping inside, the five-person electric SUV has first and second row seatings that fold completely flat for gear, cargo, and car camping, enabling a roomy interior that can accommodate more equipment.

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