Apple employees spill key details about the death of the Apple Car after $10 billion was spent on it

Apple has recently canceled its decade-long Apple car project and re-assigned the 2000 employees working on it. The car project, which was internally referred to as ‘Project Titan’, is estimated to have cost Apple $10 billion. While it’s disappointing news for those who wanted to see what an Apple car would look like, the employees’ reaction is the most surprising. Although the project was internally called ‘Titan’, Apple referred to it as the ‘Titanic disaster.’

Many Apple employees working on the project knew that it was likely to fail. Throughout its development, the project was scrapped and rebooted several times. Along the way, several hundred employees were also let go after multiple rounds of layoffs. The project itself had gone through four leaders each with a different idea of what an Apple car should be. The project started as an electric vehicle with driving-assistance features to compete against Elon Musk’s Tesla. It later morphed into a self-driving car to rival Google’s Waymo.

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