Miovision acquires V2X leader TTS

Miovision, whose scalable intelligent transportation solutions help cities reduce traffic congestion while improving safety, has made its sixth acquisition: Traffic Technology Services (TTS) – the leading provider of connected vehicle technologies.

TTS provides the connection to traffic infrastructure that powers solutions like Audi Traffic Light Information: a first of its kind, innovative offering that assists vehicle operators to identify optimum speeds to avoid red lights and reduce fuel consumption as well as allowing customers to spend time more productively knowing when a red light will turn green. TTS has agreements with 180 agencies, providing insights from 80,000 intersections, to power in-vehicle solutions while providing traffic network data insights to traffic agencies…

This is Miovision’s sixth acquisition in less than three years, following on Traffop (signal performance measures), Rapid Flow (adaptive signal control), MicroTraffic (safety analytics), Global Traffic Technologies – GTT (traffic signal preemption & priority) and CJ Hensch (traffic data collection services).

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