To improve our technology’: Waymo, a self-driving car service, doing weather testing in Buffalo

No that’s not a Google Maps car you’ve seen driving around Buffalo, it’s Waymo.

The self-driving vehicle service has been conducting weather tests for its fleet for the past month in Buffalo.

“”We want to better improve our technology by better understanding the snow, the salt on the roads,”” explained Ishtpreet Singh, of Waymo.

Singh gave 7 News’ Michael Schwartz an exclusive overview of the autonomous vehicle. It’s made by Jaguar, is fully electric and has 29 cameras on its exterior. Some of the cameras have wipers so the cameras can detect the road even in winter weather.

Waymo also uses radar panels and LIDAR, laser imaging detection, to detect the area as far as three football fields away!

The service is operating currently in San Francisco and Phoenix, and users download Waymo’s app to order the vehicle to their location. They can only unlock the vehicle from their phone, and their initials appear on a screen atop the Waymo.

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