Pittsburgh officials recommit to goal of zero traffic related deaths

As traffic-related deaths continue to climb nationwide and in the city of Pittsburgh, officials recommitted to a “vision zero” plan Monday afternoon, with the goal of achieving zero traffic fatalities.

Between 2018 and 2022, fatal crashes increased in Pittsburgh by about 70%, while in that same time period, homicides rose by 20%…

In 2023 alone, 21 people were killed in traffic-related deaths, according to Mike Maloch, a municipal traffic engineer with DOMI…

In an effort to combat those growing numbers, city officials have invested about $1.4 million of the 2024 budget to the traffic calming measures such as updating traffic light signals.

The city first proposed a vision zero plan under former Mayor Bill Peduto in 2015, which led to the creation of DOMI in 2017 to help manage the complete streets policy plan.

“We are doubling down on that commitment,” Ms. Lucas said. “This is coming with an increase in actual dollars [and] soon to be an interdepartmental working group.”

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