Electric cars release MORE toxic emissions than gas-powered vehicles and are worse for the environment, resurfaced study warns

Electric vehicles may release more pollution than gas-powered vehicles, according to a report that has recently resurfaced…

It found that EVs are 30 percent heavier on average than gas-powered vehicles, which causes the brakes and tire treads to wear out faster than standard cars and releases tiny, often toxic particles into the atmosphere.

“If you’ve got electric cars in Pittsburgh that are being plugged in at night and leading nearby coal plants to burn more coal to charge them, then the climate benefits won’t be as great, and you can even get more air pollution.” The Daily Mail resurfaces a quote Jeremy Michalek, engineering, provided the New York Times last year regarding California officials who claimed EVs produce zero emissions. A study by Emissions Analytics looked at EV emissions and was recently cited in a Wall Street Journal op-ed that accused California of trying to conceal the fact EVs can release more emissions than gas-powered vehicles.

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