Overpass overhaul: Better infrastructure needed to prevent overpass collisions

Better highway infrastructure design is needed to accommodate higher loads, much of it related to construction equipment, said B.C. Trucking Association president and CEO Dave Earle.

While container loads are the same height, construction equipment and loads related to construction are growing.

“The equipment is getting bigger and the infrastructure is the issue,” he said as large projects currently near completion.

“What we are seeing is the big moves because of the decommissioning of Site C and the Coastal pipeline is almost done. The big stuff is winding down and equipment is being demobilized and relocated.”

Earle said highway construction needs to be modernized to accommodate today’s larger loads and over height vehicle detection systems are available that can warn a driver his load won’t fit under a structure.

But, these systems need to be combined with a highway exit design that can accommodate trucks hauling over height loads.

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