Milwaukee Adding Remote Control System To Its 780 Traffic Lights

Microwave detection doesn’t produce an image, but instead sends a signal when a vehicle is detected in a targeted area. Video cameras, however, would provide a real-time view. “We will be able to look through those cameras and see what’s going on,” said Reinbacher. State law prevents the city from using the cameras to issue traffic enforcement citations.

Responding to a question from Alderman Russell W. Stamper, II, Reinbacher said the new equipment would also allow the city to take traffic counts for vehicles and pedestrians and determine which direction motorists turn. The resulting data, said the DPW representative, would yield an improvement in safety through changes to signal timing…

The city’s cost for the advanced traffic management system procurement is to be $96,000. Two separate $1 million CMAQ grants were awarded to fund the installation of advanced traffic controller systems at intersections.

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