Tesla Update Will Offer Waze-like Features, Displaying Accidents, Road Closures and Toll-Free Option

According to code found in Tesla’s latest update, Tesla will add “accident” and “closed road” icons to its maps. These icons are expected to give drivers near real-time updates on road conditions, allowing them to make informed decisions and avoid delays. This feature, in addition to the previously added icons such as stop signs, traffic lights, and red light speed cameras helps Tesla maps compete with mobile apps that have this information such as Google Maps and Waze.

While Green found references to these new icons in the 2024.2 update, these features are not yet active but are expected to be added in the near future.

Accident and road closure information needs to be timely to be useful so it’s unlikely that Tesla is gathering this data themselves and instead leveraging an existing data provider that already supplies this information to other services. Waze relies on crowd-sourced data, and while possible, it’s unlikely that Tesla will rely on driver input to display this information.

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