App to help people with impaired vision navigate traffic in the works at WMU

Western Michigan University is using technology to take assisting people with vision impairments to the next level. A professor in the Department of Blindness and Low Vision Studies is working on an app that will help people get across the street more easily.

“We have submitted a proposal to develop a smartphone app that would help us train blind pedestrians, reduce veering,”” Dr. Dae Kim told FOX 17.

The app would be called Artificial Intelligence-Aided Anti-Veering Training. “So pedestrians’ unintended deviation from the straight-line path is called ‘veering,’ and veering by blind pedestrians could be problematic,” Kim explained.

The app is designed to let users know when they’re veering to the left or to the right and by how many feet. Kim told FOX 17 the technology could save lives. “Being able to reduce their veering, blind pedestrians will be able to reduce the risk of accidentally getting hurt by those incidents.””

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