How 3 cities are improving snow removal with software

Syracuse, New York, which claims that title, uses dozens of snow removal vehicles, plows, and no fewer than three software systems, the city’s operations professionals say. The team has a big job: The city receives an average of 127 inches of snow, or nearly 11 feet, every year.

Syracuse has been implementing Internet of Things and geographic information systems technologies for its snow removal since 2018, said Corey Driscoll Dunham, Syracuse’s chief operations officer. The overhaul of the system was prompted by a huge storm that January, she said.

“Between the mayor, the deputy mayor, our chief policy officer and myself, we spent the entire weekend driving around the city, getting messages through Facebook or text messages or phone calls or, you know, just chasing down complaints left and right about the roads,” Dunham said about the 2018 snowstorm, which lasted for 66 hours, according to news reports.

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