Missouri Highway Patrol seeing more accidents of cars with “self-driving” features

Who’s at fault if you get in a crash with car that has “self-driving” features?

As more cars with “driver assist” features hit Missouri’s highways, more crashes are involving them.

In 2022, automakers reported nearly 400 crashes of vehicles with partially automated driver-assist systems, including 273 involving Teslas, according to statistics released by U.S. safety regulators.

After crashing, drivers in Missouri are telling state troopers they aren’t at fault because the car was “driving itself.”

Cpl. Dallas Thompson with the Missouri State Highway Patrol said the department’s been seeing more vehicles with autonomous features, like Tesla, in crashes.

“We’ve had several crashes that we’ve worked where the driver has told us they [weren’t] driving, that the vehicles were driving themselves,” Thompson said. And the capability is there in a lot of vehicles now. That’s not something you should trust your vehicle to do.

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