Autonomous delivery bot company raises $90M, reaches $230M in total funding

The additional funding will allow Starship to further develop its artificial intelligence, technology and wireless charging infrastructure as well as expand into more international markets.

Starship rolled out wireless charging for its robots at George Mason University. Robots are able to recharge “autonomously and wirelessly in between deliveries,” per the release. The tech is expected to be added to more robots in future months, with a particular focus on its “delivery as a service” product that allows Starship’s bots to integrate within the delivery infrastructure of its partners, the company said.

Starship currently partners with several companies, including Grubhub, which began rolling out bots at five universities in 2022. Sodexo and Aramark have also deployed the bots at various colleges and universities in the past five years… Kiwibot, also has a partnership with Grubhub as well as Sodexo, which began in 2022 across 50 college campuses. Kiwibot is a few years behind Starship… and has completed over 250,000 deliveries as of February 2023.

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