Local Governments Use High-End Solutions Even for Humble Garbage Trucks

When Fort Lauderdale, Fla., invested in connected vehicle technology, the city equipped police cars and firetrucks with sensors for location tracking and other benefits. But the city also went beyond first responders, deploying sensors in nearly every municipal vehicle — even humble street sweepers and garbage trucks.

The technology provides real-time data on the city’s 1,750 vehicles, from speed and fuel usage to engine diagnostics and driver behavior. In one instance, insight from sensor data even allowed the city to improve its street sweeping operation….

Sensors on street sweepers track when brooms are cleaning, and through the software, public works officials proved that they regularly swept the beachside road. But in analyzing the data, they discovered that the sweepers needed to slow down to properly vacuum the sand…

Connected vehicles allow cities to enhance city services; address complaints more quickly; and operate smarter, faster and more efficiently, resulting in cost savings.

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