How to Guarantee the Safety of Autonomous Vehicles

THE ORIGINAL VERSION of this story appeared in Quanta Magazine.

DRIVERLESS CARS AND planes are no longer the stuff of the future. In the city of San Francisco alone, two taxi companies have collectively logged 8 million miles of autonomous driving through August 2023. And more than 850,000 autonomous aerial vehicles, or drones, are registered in the United States—not counting those owned by the military…

“Their method of providing end-to-end safety guarantees is very important.” Corina Pasareanu, CyLab, on the work of a research team that has developed a framework for proving the safety of lane-tracking capabilities for autonomous cars and landing systems for autonomous aircraft. Their work focuses on ensuring the reliability of a vehicle’s perception system, the technology that tells you how far your car is from the center of the lane or what direction a plane is heading in and what its angle is with respect to the horizon.

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