FEATURE: What will 6G mean for cars and traffic management?

By the end of this decade it is predicted that 6G wireless networks will be offering not only lightning-fast communications but also the ability for the network to sense the position of objects within it, opening up a new world of possibilities for transportation management systems. Christopher Court-Dobson finds out more
6G is more than just an upgrade in speed and capacity. It is set to be the prime enabler of multiple convergent technologies, all of which have profound ramifications for traffic technology.

The new communication network is being built using the terahertz spectrum, which contains what are known as T-Rays. They sit between 0.3 to 3 terahertz (THz). They have a wavelength much shorter than visible light, on the cusp between infrared and microwave. They may be familiar as the safer alternative to X-Rays that are used in airport body scanners.

It’s a massive, mostly unutilized section of the electromagnetic spectrum, higher in frequency than any generation before.

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