Can digital twins reduce emergency response times?

New York City Fire Department (FDNY) is collaborating with NYU Tandon School of Engineering’s C2Smarter transportation centre to use digital twin technology to help reduce emergency vehicle response times to life-threatening medical incidents.

It comes at a time when response times have risen from six minutes and 45 seconds to seven minutes 26 seconds over the past 10 years…

Central to the year-long research project is the creation of a digital twin simulated recreation of Harlem streets, in which real-world traffic patterns and driver behaviour is virtually mimicked.

The research team will use the digital twin to zero in on the causes of slow-downs and test solutions before they attempt to replicate the model on city streets.

The simulation overcomes shortcomings of traditional methods for evaluating potential emergency-response improvements, such as infrastructure modifications, fleet enhancements, and alternative routing, that are costly and disruptive to do in the real world.

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