Experts Unveil Guide to Help Cities Navigate the Rise of Autonomous Vehicles

Experts from the University of Oregon have unveiled a guide aimed at assisting cities in navigating the complexities of testing and deploying autonomous vehicles on their roadways.

“This guide shares the wisdom and experience of cities, states, transit agencies, private sector companies and community stakeholders that are in the thick of AV piloting, testing and deployment,” said Nico Larco, a UO professor of architecture and urban design in the College of Design and director of Urbanism Next.

Titled “Autonomous Vehicles: A Guide for Cities,” this comprehensive resource is specifically designed for city staff and decision-makers, addressing the challenges associated with autonomous vehicle (AV) pilot programs and deployments.

Cityfi, an urban strategy and advisory firm, collaborated with the University of Oregon’s Urbanism Next Center to create a pioneering guide. This guide, the first of its kind, provides valuable insights for individuals engaged in AV initiatives.

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