What’s next for mobility innovation? This venture capitalist has some ideas.

The future is often forged from ideas that only a few are aware of in their early stages: Think Uber, Apple, Tesla. To look far down the road on mobility, Smart Cities Dive spoke with the $800 million investment arm of Toyota Motor Corp., Woven Capital. It’s a “hands-on investor” with a global mandate, said Nicole LeBlanc, a partner at Woven Capital focusing on mobility, sustainability and smart city investments.

Previously, LeBlanc was a partner at 2150, a venture capital firm that invests in technology companies seeking to sustainably reimagine the urban environment. She also served as director of investments for Sidewalk Labs, an urban innovation unit within Google that works with developers and cities to build more sustainable, innovative and equitable places around the world.

Innovation, climate strategy and the emerging talent that city governments are attracting give LeBlanc hope for the future, she says.

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