Car Safety Systems Less Effective in Detecting Trucks

Better front crash prevention technology in passenger cars could prevent 5,500 rear-end accidents with medium and heavy trucks, according to a new Insurance Institute for Highway Safety report.

The December study, called “Are Front Crash Prevention Systems Less Effective at Preventing Rear-end Crashes where Trucks and Motorcycles Are Struck?,” reviewed data from over 160,000 rear-end crashes in which a passenger vehicle with/without forward collision warning (FCW) and automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems hit another passenger vehicle, a medium/heavy truck or a motorcycle…

The report found that passenger vehicles equipped with AEB and FCW technology are 53% less likely to rear-end other passenger vehicles. Yet, that crash avoidance rate drops to 41% to deter striking motorcycles. The rate dips even lower to 38% to prevent cars from slamming into the backs of medium/heavy trucks.

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