City officials plead for more say in how AVs are deployed

As autonomous vehicles hit the streets in more cities, local transportation officials want the companies behind those cars and trucks to make sure they’re talking regularly with city officials.

“When something goes wrong in your city streets, it’s not some far-off federal agency or even necessarily a state agency you’re calling. It’s your city council member,” said Stephanie Dock, the manager of the innovation division at the District Department of Transportation in Washington, D.C. “Cities have to be part of the conversation…”

The only thing Nashville can do in regards to AVs is license them, like cabs. That’s because state lawmakers preempted the city from issuing any regulations on autonomous vehicles…

“There’s been a change in tenor,” she said, noting that the city’s officials have been raising issues about autonomous vehicles’ impact on their streets in hearings and filings for years.

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