FCC presses carmakers, wireless companies on connected car systems over reports of misuse by domestic abusers

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is asking carmakers and wireless service providers to give more information on car applications that have reportedly been used by domestic abusers to track victims.

The FCC sent letters to nine different car companies and three voice service providers to ask for more details on the connected car tools and how they may be misused by domestic abusers. The agency cited a New York Times report from last month that detailed how abusers were using internet-connected apps in their cars to stalk and harass their victims…

The FCC is asking the automakers for more information on the “connected car systems they offer, any existing plans to support survivors in their efforts to disconnect from abusers, and how these companies handle consumers’ geolocation data.”

The letters to the wireless companies ask for details on car services, how geolocation data is treated, current adherence to the Safe Connections Act of 2022 and whether they provide the car services to consumers who are not customers of theirs otherwise.

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