Autonomous driving is ‘happening’, but slower than expected

To the believers, the oft-promised autonomous car revolution is “clearly happening” – they point to the myriad displays at the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas that defy the industry’s bad headlines.

“Companies are deploying robotaxis in larger scale than before and in more cities,” insisted Kersten Heineke, partner and codirector of the McKinsey Center for Future Mobility.

Even “in times where money is scarce…we’re clearly progressing. It just takes a bit longer than we were expecting three or five years ago.”

And while “there’s nothing flashy” at this year’s CES, there are noted improvements “in crucial technologies” on show, he said…

The focus now is on safety

From long-established companies to young start-ups, the aisles at CES are brimming with innovations in 3D vision, night vision, driver fatigue detectors and hand-on-wheel detection.

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