Kia’s ‘Platform Beyond Vehicles’ is a family of modular electric minivans for businesses

CES is famous for highlighting the outlandish, the uncompromising, and the immobile in the auto industry, but props to Kia for thinking more practically with its latest concept.

The South Korean automaker unveiled the PBV, or Platform Beyond Vehicle, which utilizes a flexible chassis to support a variety of vehicle types designed for businesses and individuals. How flexible? Kia is thinking of at least nine different vehicle variations built on the same platform…

And unlike some concepts, the PBVs may become a reality based on an extensive multiyear business strategy outlined by Kia. The automaker envisions this strategy unfolding in three distinct phases…

his isn’t the first time the “PBV” concept has made an appearance at CES. Hyundai, which owns a controlling stake in Kia, also had a PBV, or Purpose Built Vehicle, as part of its air mobility concept at the show in 2020. It was described as an “eco friendly urban vehicle” that would dock with the company’s electric air taxis for ground transportation.

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