Cities, towns debate ways to reduce parking for cars, to leave more room for people.

A new development in Arizona goes beyond trimming parking spaces to free up space for people. It bills itself as the nation’s first car-free neighborhood.

A lot of cities have changed their streets and changed their kinds of development to reduce parking for cars, leaving more room for people. In Arizona, a new development takes that idea further, claiming to be America’s first neighborhood built to be car-free. NPR’s Adam Bearne has the details.

ADAM BEARNE, BYLINE: John Robert Rodriguez (ph) loves his new home.

JOHN ROBERT RODRIGUEZ: It’s been absolutely fantastic.

BEARNE: In October, the special ed teacher moved to Culdesac Tempe. The development, which is being built by the real estate company Culdesac, is car-free.

RODRIGUEZ: I was more nervous before I moved here because looking at the transit maps, I was like, this is going to be such a hassle. Now, once I’m here, it’s convenient because you don’t have to be in the car, you don’t have to be driving. And when you’re not driving – like, on my way to work, I’m already working.

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