At CES, a look down the long road ahead for automotive tech

CES is many things. It is perhaps best known as an annual gadget fest, a glimpse into the kind of technology we might be using a month from now or even a decade from now.

That applies to vehicles too. Here at CES, being held this week in Las Vegas, you will find one of the biggest auto shows on the planet, which is why it’s worth noting that General Motors, Ford and Chrysler aren’t here this year…

The idea of reaching fully autonomous driving — what’s known as Level 5 in the tech sector — is starting to feel out of reach. And maybe that’s OK.

Marketplace’s Lily Jamali spoke to Trevor Curwin, director of strategic partnerships at Sheeva.AI, an automotive payments company, from the CES floor about the troubles and outlook for the auto industry’s tech ambitions.

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