Transportation tech, challenges on agenda for new US DOT advisory committee

The U.S. Department of Transportation established a committee to advise DOT and the secretary of transportation on transportation innovation plans and approaches, the department announced Dec. 29.

The committee comprises 27 members including public officials, labor representatives, safety experts, researchers and industry representatives.

“The deep expertise and diverse perspectives of this impressive group will provide advice to ensure the future of transportation is safe, efficient, sustainable, equitable, and transformative,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg in a statement…

Government officials on the committee include Kim Lucas, director of mobility and infrastructure for the City of Pittsburgh…

Among the issues the committee intends to address are:

Safe, equitable and environmentally-friendly ways to roll out emerging technologies.
Policies to grow and support a safe and productive U.S. workforce while fostering economic competitiveness and job quality.
Ways to encourage the secure exchange of key transportation data across the public and private sectors.
Approaches the DOT can take to improve cybersecurity and privacy protections across transportation systems and infrastructure.

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