Toyota, Nissan, 10 others join forces to form a new research group powerhouse for software

Earlier this month, twelve companies, including auto, electrical component, and semiconductor makers, created the “Advanced SoC Research for Automotive” (ASRA).

ASRA was established to research and develop high-performance semiconductors (SoC) for vehicles. The group will pool their talents and vast industry experience to develop in-vehicle chips by 2028.

From 2030 onward, the research group aims to install SoCs in mass-produced vehicles. With at least 1,000 semiconductors used in each car nowadays, the tech is becoming more and more critical.

In the new era of digitally connected electric vehicles, software is key. SoCs power many functions, including infotainment and autonomous driving capabilities.

ASRA aims to develop SoC’s with chiplet tech and various semiconductor types. Chiplets are smaller chips that are used to form a bigger one. They can help reduce development time and costs while offering more performance.

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